Company Overview

100 employees (as of SEP 2015)
Business Area
Manufacturing, R&D, OEM, ODM
620 million won
Business Item
Mobile POS
Core Value
The members of Samil facilitate the success of our clients through creative technology and services.

SamilCTS Businesses

  • Experience of development for three Mobile POS devices.
  • OEM, ODM Business
  • Establishing our own production lines.
    (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)

Providing technical support & assistance

Android & iOS interface

samilCTS provides great results in Mobile POS on iOS and Android environments, and also is able to develop S/W for Android and Window8, Offering customization support.

Offering strategic business improvement solutions

The advantages of using Mobile POS are:

Timesaving and fast turnover; no need to wait in line for payment.
Faster payments (portable)
Financially efficient (Compatible with existing smartphones or tablets)
Convenient payments (Replacing on/offline POS terminals)
Superior security (EMV, PCI-PTS certified)
Easy and simple to use
- Easily connects the brain with smart devices via USB driver or Bluetooth Build good product reputations both modern and innovative

Opportunities with incredible money making potential

Do you use an existing big and nonfunctional POS system? Do you use various devices for diverse methods of payment?

Why don’t you replace it with Mobile POS? It enables you to use just one device for various methods of payment. It is also helpful for business management, such as analyzing sales figures and stock management.
We strongly believe it will make a positive  impact on your business.